Lirik Lagu All Too Well - Taylor Swift, Cocok untuk yang Patah Hati

Claudia Noventa, Jurnalis · Rabu 12 April 2023 12:55 WIB
https: content 2023 04 12 619 2797307 lirik-lagu-all-too-well-taylor-swift-cocok-untuk-yang-patah-hati-r0yAyXWnhm.jpg Taylor Swift (Instagram)

JAKARTA - Lirik lagu 'All Too Well' milik Taylor Swift yang dirilis pada 2012 lalu. Lagu tersebut diketahui masuk dalam albumnya yang bertajuk 'RED'.

Lagu All Too Well merupakan lagu patah hati yang disebut-sebut diciptakan Taylor Swift setelah putus cinta dengan Jake Gyllenhaal.

Berikut ini lirik lagu All Too Well - Taylor Swift:

[Verse 1]

I walked through the door with you, the air was cold

But something 'bout it felt like home somehow

And I left my scarf there at your sister's house

And you've still got it in your drawer, even now

Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze

We're singing in the car, getting lost upstate

Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place

And I can picture it after all these days

Taylor Swift (Instagram)


And I know it's long gone and

That magic's not here no more

And I might be okay, but I'm not fine at all

Oh, oh, oh


'Caus there we ar again on that little town street

You almost ran the red 'cause you were lookin' over at me

Wind in my hair, I was there

I remember it all too well


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