Lirik Lagu Huge Fire yang Dipopulerkan Mount Eerie

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https: content 2023 01 12 619 2745007 lirik-lagu-huge-fire-yang-dipopulerkan-mount-eerie-TkpoaPwtCS.jpg Mount Eerie. (Foto: Instagram)

LAGU Huge Fire merupakan karya terbaru penyanyi Phil Elverum alias Mount Eerie. Single tersebut rilis pada 31 Desember 2022, masuk dalam album bertajuk 'Colors'.

Mount Eerie adalah produser dan penulis lagu asal Amerika. Ia dahulu membentuk proyek musik indie folk bernama The Microphones yang eksis pada 1996 hingga 2003.

Berikut ini lirik lagu Huge Fire dari Mount Eerie.

Trying to see from in this room where it is blinding

Learning to breathe beneath the surface

Of all the wrecked up things I haul with me around

I heard singing at twilight

Trailed by belongings, I crawled forward

Into a clearing at dusk

And got a huge fire growing

It grew, night fell, and

I kept throwing

Whatever I could pick up into the flames

Nothing but me and all this shattered wood I've been pulling Into a heap of flames and smoke, this is my life

And now I've lived long enough to know

That nothing's stronger than the blow

The whipping wind, the way it tars

The sparks are full in the sky yawning opn Breath only very rarely song

You were singing at twilight

With your fingers moving

And I heard the same song in a dream

And I sing it now to myself

I carry it into the night

I walk and there's a fire but it's at my back Three days of heavy rain and there's still coals

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